Lies, Lies, Lies! (ebook)

Lies, Lies, Lies! ebook

Exposing myths about the real Jesus

Distortions, half-baked truths and downright lies about Jesus. Sometimes we just get used to hearing them. But why should we? The Jesus of the Bible deserves to be robustly defended at every level. This book will equip you well.

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The public are inundated with untruths about Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest figure in human history and the one by whom we date everything. Sometimes these truths emerge from the media and sometimes from specific assaults on Jesus by special interest groups and writers.

Michael Green thoughtfully and robustly takes on the most important of these untruths.

Was Jesus just a mythical figure who never lived?
Were the Gospel accounts of him corrupt and written long after he lived?
Can we trust the text of the New Testament?
Was Mary Magdalene Jesus's lover?
Were the Gnostic Gospels just as good evidence as the four Gospels which Christians read today?
Did Jesus really die on the cross?
And surely nobody these days believes in the resurrection? After all, hasn't the tomb of Jesus and his family been discovered?

These are some of the issues addressed in this book. The author is an ancient historian as well as a New Testament scholar. He is not ashamed to call the misrepresentations about Jesus what they are - lies, lies, lies!

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Author Michael Green
ISBN 9781844747566
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher IVP
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Lies, Lies, Lies! (ebook) | Michael Green | £8.99 £7.19