The Message of John (ebook)

The Message of John ebook

Bruce Milne

Bruce Milne's exposition focuses on the ministry of Jesus and its centre-piece - the cross.

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The Gospel of John is a witness to the King, as much a tract for our times as for John's. Bruce Milne's exposition focuses on the ministry of Jesus before his incarnation, during his life on earth and after his resurrection. The centre-piece of his Gospel is the cross, and its background the solemnity of God's judgment of the world.

John the disciple of Jesus had known the Word of God incarnate. John the pastor and evangelist had contemplated the meaning of that unique person and event. Through the eyes of faith, John retells the story of the Word, drawing out its meaning for his contemporaries so that they "might come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God" and "have life in his name."

True to his mentor, the Fourth Evangelist, Bruce Milne has a passion for passing on this Word and helping others respeak it. As Milne puts it, "The mystery of Jesus Christ is the theme of this gospel; always beyond us, yet always summoning us to explore it more fully."

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  • General Preface
  • Author's Preface
  • Bibliography
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Authorship
  • John and synoptics
  • Purpose and date
  • John and Jesus
  • The gospel of John
  • Appendices
  • A. The ministry of the pre-incarnate King (1:1-18)
  • B. The ministy of the incarnate King (1:19- 19:42)
  • C. The ministry of the risen King (20:1-21:25)
  • Study guide


Author Bruce Milne
ISBN 9781783590476
Format eBook
Language English
Pages 352
Publisher IVP
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The Message of John (ebook) | Bruce Milne | £11.99 £9.59