Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul

Rediscovering God's purposes for singing in church

Rediscovering God's purposes for singing in church

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On its own‚ singing can never satisfy those desires that only true worship can. However, singing is the language of our affections. And it is used by God to plant the word of Christ in the hearts of those who long to be touched, filled and changed by his perfect love.

In Then Sings My Soul, Philip Percival takes us to the Bible to rediscover what it is that God has revealed about singing for his people, and encourages us to recapture the fullness of his design. He also provides plenty of practical advice about leading music in your church.

Whether you are a pastor, a musician or just someone who takes music seriously, this book will equip you to reignite a passion for singing together in response to God’s amazing redemption of his people.

Product details


Author Philip Percival
ISBN 9781922206732
Format Paperback
First published September 2015
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 9mm
Language English
Pages 154
Publisher Matthias Media
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Then Sings My Soul | Philip Percival | £8.99 £6.74