Naked God

The truth about God exposed

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Naked God provides an opportunity to ask awkward questions, sift through the evidence and get to the truth about God.

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Is there a God? And perhaps, more to the point, if there is a God, what real difference will it make to my life?

These are the most basic and universal of questions, and yet we don't usually take much time to think about them.

In Naked God, former lawyer Martin Ayers provides an opportunity for the reader to do just that: to ask the awkward questions, to sift through the evidence, and to get to the truth about God. He writes:

'In his famous book and TV series, The Naked Chef, it wasn't Jamie Oliver who was naked; it was the food. Jamie Oliver succeeded in stripping down the food to its bare but glorious essentials.

And that's what we need to do with God. We need to look at the evidence and find out what it uncovers. We need to strip away any false ideas we've developed from our culture or background, and reveal the truth. This is the truth about God, exposed. This is Naked God.'

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  • Part I: Naked Truth
  • 1. Why we need this book
  • 2. Naked truth about why we're here
  • 3. Naked truth about freedom and knowledge
  • 4. Naked truth about right and wrong
  • 5. Where do we go from here?
  • 6. Naked God
  • Part II: Naked Jesus
  • 7. Clearing the ground
  • 8. Isn't Jesus just a good moral teacher?
  • 9. Who is Jesus?
  • 10. Didn't Jesus just die tragically young?
  • 11. Three common problems
  • Part III: Naked You
  • 12. The one real problem
  • 13. Breakthrough
  • 14. Where we're heading
  • 15. Naked choice
  • Appendix: Further reading
  • Endnotes
  • Acknowledgements

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Author Martin Ayers
ISBN 9781921441646
Format Paperback
First published February 2010
Dimensions 138mm x 208mm x 15mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 190
Publisher Matthias Media

John Chapman

author and evangelist

I have just finished reading Martin Ayers' book. It is a great evangelistic 'give-away'.

It is divided into three parts. In the first part, Martin shows the implications and paucity of atheism and relativism. He interacts with Dawkins and others in a helpful way.

In the second half, he asks us to consider Christ. There are excellent apologetics for the historicity of the New Testament documents and miracles in this section. Martin asks us to consider Christ's teaching, death and resurrection.

The final section is about responding to Jesus. Repentance and faith are clearly and helpfully spelt out.

When I was being urged to write A Fresh Start, I said to my friends, "There are plenty of evangelistic books available", to which they replied, "I have given those to my friends—I need a new one". This book offers us yet another chance to help our friends understand Jesus. Get a copy and see if this is what your friends need. I think it's a winner.

John Dickson

Director, Centre for Public Christianity, Sydney, Australia

I think Martin has done a terrific job of clearing away unnecessary objections to the faith and then explaining what that faith really is and entails. The style is simple, warm and engaging. I also love that I can hear both the lawyer and the evangelist. The arguments are clear and concise and the call to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour is genuine. I was amazed, actually, how such a short book could feel so comprehensive. I wish I had written it.

Rico Tice

Associate Minister (Evangelism), All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, UK

Challenging, enjoyable and biblically faithful. I'm delighted that Naked God invites its readers to examine the naked truth behind their own beliefs, then moves on to a compelling and persuasive explanation of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Independent reviews

Naked God

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, March 1st 2012

The final section of the book speaks to the reader in a more personal way. Ayers explores the barriers we have to really knowing God. Importantly, he demonstrates that religious self-righteousness is just as big a blockage to relating to God as the choice by many to ignore God and shut him out of their lives.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“A good book to give to non-Christians.”

this is a book to give to interested but unsaved friends. it's just a little bit heavy at the beginning but thereafter, clear and very readable.


“a real challenge to your "thinking" non-believer”

This is a great book for your "thinking" non-Christian. Gently, but clearly and logically Martin Ayers demonstrates the flaws in the main arguments raised today first against the existence of God and then against the trustworthiness of the person and message of Christ. The reader is challenged to take an unbiased, humble and honest look at the evidence on which the Christian faith is founded.


“An excellent book - one of the best of its kind around today”

Naked God is an excellent book - very readable, clear, concise, yet well reasoned
It begins by assuming there is no God - and working through the implications for who we are as humans
This is really helpful for me as someone who believes in Jesus, because it gives me a wider and deeper framework of conversation with those friends of mine who have no interest in God
Having dealt with "what if there is no God", it helpfully then says "let me present you Jesus" - and says why
I appreciated the lack of reasoning "why there must be a God" (an argument no one will win). Rather, by setting forth Jesus plainly, the choice is there for us all to make.
I can think of a few friends I will seek to give this to, and will certainly ensure it's available in our church so others might be similarly equipped / intrigued.

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Naked God | Martin Ayers | £6.99 £5.59