Practical help and talk outlines for Bible
teachers and preachers around the world

“Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed, and who correctly explains the word of truth.”
2 TIMOTHY 2:15 (NLT)

PPP PUBLICATIONS aim to equip pastors and Bible teachers across the world to understand and teach God’s word clearly and accurately. We have a passion to see the church worldwide growing deeper and stronger in the word of God.

Many Christians throughout the world have the huge responsibility of teaching God’s word with no training and very few resources. The PPP range is a series of study aids for those pastors and teachers who do not have access to theological-college education or internet access to online resources.

Using easy English, the books help pastors and teachers understand the Bible text and think through how to teach and apply its main lessons in their local context. Each book contains outlines for talks or sermons that can be adapted to their local situation.

Over 60,000 PPP books have been distributed worldwide. There are books on Mark, Philippians, Job, 2 Timothy, Deuteronomy and Acts, by authors including Phil Crowter, David Sprouse and Graham Beynon. Further books are being written as part of a programme to expand the range.

Alongside these study aids based on single books of the Bible, there are two others that supplement the range. God’s Big Story provides pastors and teachers with a series of studies focusing on the whole Bible story of salvation. PPP Teaching the Bible takes people through the stages needed to understand a Bible passage, prepare a talk or sermon, and teach it effectively in a local context.

There is also an exciting programme of translations that includes Spanish, Hindi, Burmese, Serbian, Khmer, Nepali and French – all in response to local organisations wanting to use PPP material for their non-English-speaking pastors and teachers.

The PPP project is directed by The Good Book Company and the Trustees of the Pray Prepare Preach Publications Trust (charity number XN77256). The books are published and distributed by The Good Book Company, who see this as a “not for profit” venture and who also recycle some of their profits into the project to support the work.

We give great thanks to the Lord for the way in which PPP resources have been welcomed and enthusiastically used across the world. They are being used by many organisations such as Langham Creative Projects, Preacher Training International, Grace Baptist Mission, and Crosslinks.


“These helpful guides are a wonderful tool for getting to the heart of the Bible, understanding its message, clarifying its teaching and communicating it to others with confidence and accuracy. I warmly commend them.”
David Jackman
Pastor, author and former president of Proclamation Trust, UK

“One of the greatest needs around the world is for preaching that is firmly based in the Bible passage, exposing its power and its relevance. The PPP series is a great help for the many pastors and lay preachers who have so few resources.”
Jonathan Lamb
CEO and minister-at-large of Keswick Ministries

“This series has the unique strength of turning complex theological themes into a concise, believer-friendly roadmap into the world of the Bible. This will surely strengthen faith in the Bible as being truly the word of God.”
Emmanuel Egbunu
Archbishop, and Bishop of Lokoja, Nigeria