Bible-Centred Youthworker 2009: Leading Questions

Bible-Centred Youthworker 2009: Leading Questions

Talks and Seminars

Download the talks and seminars from the 2009 Bible-centred Youthworker conference.

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This is the seventh in our series of annual residential conferences for those working with children and young people. Through an engaging mix of Bible-readings, talks, seminars and discussions groups we get to grips with ‘leading questions’ – what the Bible says about leadership. Great teaching, practical training, stirring encouragement and relaxed fellowship with people who face the same challenges and issues as you week by week.

Download the talks and seminars from the conference here. Highly recommended for any for children's and youth workers.

Main Talks

Ed Vaughan - Talk 1 - Once was found
Ed Vaughan - Talk 2 - The test
Ed Vaughan - Talk 3 - Two kinds of repentence

John Tindall - Talk 1 - Song of Songs
John Tindall - Talk 2 - Song of Songs
John Tindall - Talk 3 - Song of Songs


Bond, Bourne, Bauer, Batman or Biblical Approach - Nate Morgan Locke

Botham or Boycott - Trevor Pearce

Creating the Servant Heart in Young People - Dave Fenton

Definitive Guide to Youth Evangelism - Nate Morgan Locke

Emerging or Emergent - Ed Vaughan

Establishing priorities in your ministry - Dave Fenton

Newcomer's Seminar - Nick Jackman

Sermon on the Mount - Trevor Pearce

Sexed-up Part I - Ian Fry

Sexed-up Part II - Ian Fry

Ten Strategies for Attentiveness - Johnny Burns

The Spirit-Filled Youth Worker - Trevor Pearce

Using Music to Reach out to Young People - Johnny Burns

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