Explore Prayer Diary

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An attractive and useful prayer diary to keep with your Bible and use day by day

Part of the Explore series.

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This attractive and practical prayer diary is designed to encourage and help you in your daily prayer life.

Each spread includes sections to list your regular prayer requests for family, friends, church and the wider world, together with places to remind you to praise and thank the Lord for his goodness to you.

There is also a section that encourages you to list the answers you have received, so that you can pray with greater expectation.

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Author Tim Thornborough
ISBN 9781908317476
First published October 2012
Dimensions 155mm x 218mm x 19mm
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Prayer Diary”

Last year, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I was given a copy of The Explore Prayer Diary and, because I gave found it so helpful, I bought another copy for myself and one for a friend. It helps me to focus my thoughts each morning.
On the first page I have listed everyone in my address book - so I remember to pray for each member of my family everyday and other friends at least one day each week - more often if they are in special need, of course.
It helps me to count my blessings each morning and to focus on situations around the world.
It is really helpful being encouraged to recognise that so many prayers, some not even spoken, are answered each day!!!!
The quotations at the top of the page are encouraging and more often than not, speak directly to my needs/ feelings that day!! (Is there a sequel with new quotations?)
A wonderful book. Thank You


“Great Encouragement”

This prayer book, encouraged me to write down my prayer list each week and helped me to focus on what needed praying.


“Great for prayer life.”

This book was given as a gift - the recipient has said it has really helped her to keep track on her prayer life.



Great deal, well worth the money!
Excellent quality prayer journal, here’s hoping the prayers are as good as the journal logging them lol


“A really great tool for prayer”

I was very pleased to get this prayer journal because it encourages me in my prayer life and helps me to see how God is answering my prayers. It has a straightforward and easy to use format, and I would recommend it to all those who want an organisational tool to help them with their prayer times.


“Simple but effective notebook for your prayers”

I'm often a rather haphazard pray-er and was seeking something to better structure my prayer life. Essentially this is a notebook with simple prompts for prayer: thanksgiving, answered prayer, etc. however, I find myself keen to fill it in, especially with new developments. Plenty of writing space for each prompt, but not a huge scary space- you could use bullet points and not write reams if you preferred. There's something quite good about seeing your prayer topics written down concretely. Eventually it should prove an interesting life record, I guess. I'm about to be married and sharing the prayer diary and us both contributing to it is proving useful in terms of learning to pray with and for each other. Overall, a great, accessible prayer resource if you want to get your prayer life kick started. Equally though, it depends upon you engaging with it to make it useful. Give it a try!


“Great reminder tool”

We use this diary at weekly meetings with our church plant team, where we can record our prayer requests and also note prayers that are answered. There is plenty of space for the team requests, so plenty of space for individuals. We also note many things to give thanks for as well.
It gives us great encouragement that we can look back in our prayer records and then see how many prayers are actually answered by the Lord. If we relied on our memory then we would forget many of the things we have prayed for over the last few months and even years. A great resource.


“Helpful tool for prayer”

This is an attractive book with headings and a Bible verse on each page. There is just the right amount of blank space for writing thoughts, ideas and topics for prayer. I have wanted to start a prayer journal for a while but have found completely blank pages intimidating and never quite started. The headings have been helpful for me and somehow writing prayers helps my prayer time to be more prayerful and less distracted/sleepy meandering thoughts!


“Great tool for organising your thoughts!”

I have been in the habit of reeling off prayers as and when I think of them or remember them, but I've found myself becoming disorganised, getting cluttered thoughts and worst of all just treating prayer like some kind of wish list.

One of the people at my house group mentioned how he found keeping a journal helpful and because I find such a tool useful in every day life, I guessed it might prove beneficial in my spiritual walk too so I bought this, and it has certainly achieved its purpose!

Every double page features a helpful Bible verse and four headings: Reasons to give thanks and praise, Answers to prayer, New prayer requests and Ongoing prayer requests. These headings have helped me to clarify and organise my thoughts, and get my priorities right. Of course God wants to hear what we need, and even what we just want, but glory should go to Him first and foremost, and too often I have left that out because I've been in "too much of a hurry" or whatever. Now I can set aside a ten-fifteen minute slot to work through my prayers and ensure that I am not forgetting anything. Of course, having a structure like this does not mean I can't or don't pray throughout the day still, but I've found that contributing to a page every few days really highlights how faithful God is and how He truly does hear and answer our prayers. Things that used to be on "New prayer requests" have now moved to "Answers to prayer" and it is no bad thing for us to dwell for a bit longer on God's gracious gifts to us, rather than just saying a quick thanks before making a new request!

If you don't currently keep a track of your prayers, I'd suggest at least giving it a try for a few weeks and this book is ideally suited for this purpose. Highly recommended!

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