Jesus and You Pack

Jesus and You Pack

A DVD and handbook of each of the 3 courses

Pete Woodcock & Lizzy Smallwood
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The easiest and cheapest way to obtain all three courses which form part of the Jesus and You series.

Part of the Jesus and You series.

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The Jesus and You series gives you three ways to reach out to visual thinkers. With its jargon-free DVDs that bring to life the stories Jesus told in a relevant and engaging way, Jesus and You brings the teaching of Jesus to non-booky people. The courses:

- are short and flexible (containing just 4 sessions each)
- feature relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth presenters
- help participants discover the real story about God and about themselves - perhaps for the first time.

BRAND NEW! To help with promoting your course, we now have posters and invitations available for you to download. See the 'Extras' section on the top left-hand side of the page.

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  • Tales of the Unexpected DVD
  • Tales of the Unexpected Handbook
  • Close Encounters DVD
  • Close Encounters Handbook
  • The King and I DVD
  • The King and I Handbook

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Author Pete Woodcock, Lizzy Smallwood
First published May 2013
Dimensions 152mm x 230mm x 27mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Gospel-centred and appropriate!”

(Review written for 'Tales of the Unexpected (Starter Pack)')

This course has been very helpful in an evangelistic toddlers group for parents as an alternative to other longer courses. All of our unchurched mums have really enjoyed 'Tales of the Unexpected'. It's very accessible for non-Christians and I thoroughly recommend it.



(Review written for 'Tales of the Unexpected (Starter Pack)')

This short course is awesome. Unmerited grace and forgiveness seem to be the major stumbling blocks to people really getting to grips with the heart of the gospel. 'Tales of the Unexpected' presents these so clearly though, and the testimonies at the end of each session helpfully drive home what the personal implications of the gospel are. The questions in each session also really help any participant examine their own standing with God.

I've only run the course in a 1-1 setting, but it works well with both the complete newcomer to the Christian faith or the person who has been sitting in the pew for years. My suggestion is to only use the booklets for the leader preparation and then write down your own questions - this will keep it more relational and make it feel less like a 'course'. But you need to follow the logic / structure of each session, otherwise the videos won't work - and they are the highlight.

Highly, highly recommended.


“Excellent group study for short bites of scripture”

(Review written for 'Tales of the Unexpected (Starter Pack)')

We used this this with a group of 20 which included 2 teenagers. The questions allowed everyone - regardless of their Biblical literacy - to work on the same playing field. The short videos were slick, to the point and opened the way for further discussion. The course helped everyone to grow in their understanding of the riches of God's grace.

Highly recommended.


“Simple but powerful in explaining the truth about Jesus”

Bought this on spec to use in our summer bible study group. It worked really well with our men's group and also with one of our cross cultural ladies' groups.
The material is uncomplicated but very powerful. The study sheets are workable and lead the group into the detail of the story and the videos work really well to highlight the issues. Surprisingly found that the studies stayed with me and influenced my thinking. These studies are a great way of getting groups who have just started on their way with leaning about Jesus to get into important details. People who have been walking with Jesus for a long time will also be challenged to re-examine what Jesus says about a lot of our every day lifestyle choices.


“Goldilocks porridge and Cinderella's slipper - it's just right”

(Review written for 'Close Encounters (Starter Pack)')

This has proved really useful for us. Good clear presentation style; great to h ave a quiz to make sure we have read the passage; questions that really push to read what the verse says (and again, see what it says!); good points of strong personal challenge, but sensibly offered for personal reflection not open discussion. I would like everyone in our home groups to go through these to learn to read what the passage says. A good pitch for unbelievers; fringe believers; wobbly Christians. One of our group likes it - they get lost in sermons or think of a question that they then forget by the end. This has lots of pauses - don't get lost and can ask the questions. Final testimonies lend 'real-life application'. Four weeks is an easy sell - not high commitment.

To improve:
1. Sometimes the final section adds unnecessary complexity with new material.
2. Bible texts stuck at the back of the book meant confusing flipping back and forth. (This is remedied in the Close Encounters course with a pull out section.)

How we are using it:
Running one a term as a follow-on from an invitation event. Run concurrently with our Sunday morning church (we've kicked the youth group out of the room into the vicarage!). Then people come to church - they've not done a course on a Monday night and then get asked to switch to another day - they meet the church over coffee afterwards and also means we can use church creche provision. We are pushed for time, but get lots from it. Considering running a fifth week on next term to review; to cover left over questions and watch a couple of testimonies that we missed through lack of time.


“Really useful resource”

(Review written for 'Close Encounters (Starter Pack)')

Purchased to kick-start a new afternoon home-group, Close Encounters is proving really helpful: there's no dumbing-down here! Fresh perspectives for mature Christians, with good questions for discussion, as well as being user-friendly and helpful for new disciples and seekers, mean that the materials are flexible for mixed ages and stages. Just a few comments about the presentation: it's a great idea to be able to choose presenters, it helps to ring the changes during a session. One of our members has hearing problems and the zooming in and out on faces is distracting when lip-reading (subtitles would be helpful). The fixed-camera means that sometimes the presenter's face is to one side of the screen - or even cut in half! I appreciate that the minimalist background focusses attention on what is being said, but it is a bit bare - especially when the presenter's face is to one side. A change of setting might be helpful.
However, all-in-all, thumbs up to Close Encounters! I think we may need some extra handbooks and I'm sure we'll buy the other two courses. Many thanks to the Jesus and you production team. Any more planned?



(Review written for 'The King and I (Starter Pack)')

We are using "The King and I" with International students studying art at UCA Farnham , and they are really loving the material. We have had some of the best discussions on Christian truth as we have used the material. The explanations from Pete and Lizzie are first-class, clear and punchy. And the testimonies root the truth in personal experience.


“Really helpful short course for new folk and those wanting to help them.”

(Review written for 'The King and I (Starter Pack)')

Just started running my second course using the Jesus and you material and have found both the "Tales of the unexpected" and "The King and I" to be really good for the groups they are aimed at, folk with little or no previous Bible knowledge. The video's are engaging however don't expect the same high production values as the CE video but they work well with the material.

I'm so pleased that material like this is being produced and I hope that more are in the pipeline.

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Jesus and You Pack | Pete Woodcock, Lizzy Smallwood | £44.94 £29.99