Philippians: Concise, portable spiritual food

A book designed to help you teach the key themes of Philippians

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The church at Philippi is considered to be one of the model churches of the New Testament.

But if this were a report at a shareholders' meeting we might be asking ourselves whether the Chairman has really got this right? Is something being hidden? It seems too good to be true! If this were an athlete we might be asking ourselves whether there has been some performance-enhancing substance in the diet! And if this were an end-of-term report we might be asking ourselves if the teacher had got the right child!

Can a church really be that good?

But there's no doubting that Paul has the right church. Perched on the edge of southern Greece, Philippi was the first city to hear the Christian message in Europe - we have much to learn from the church that grew there.

This fresh and lively study book is ideally suited to the more interactive way we learn in today's church.

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Author William Taylor
ISBN 9781845502317
Format Paperback
First published September 2013
Dimensions 130mm x 198mm x 14.8mm
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher Christian Focus

David Cook

Retired Principal, Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Sydney, Australia

This book on Philippians exudes the warmth of the letter itself. It engages with our lives and is insightfully applied. William is one of the finest leaders I know. His background as a captain in the Royal Green jackets prepared him well for the leadership in the church. He is a man who recognises the eternal significance of pastoral leadership; it is his compassionate pastoral care, so evident at St Helen's, which reflects itself in his preaching and in this book.

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Who should this book be given to? Give it to a new Christian, and they will delight to find they really can understand a whole book of the Bible. Give it to a growing Christian, and they will have a model of how the Bible should be handled. Give it to an experienced Christian, and they will be reminded of how refreshing Bible Study can be. Most of all, give to a preacher and we'll all be a good deal better off!

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