The Course of your Life Workbook

A personal revolution

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Inspire people to be disciple-making disciples in every area of their lives

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“This is probably the most important thing I have ever written.”
Tony Payne
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How do you get your congregation to catch the vision of The Trellis and the Vine - of being disciple-making disciples of of Jesus Christ in every area of their lives?

The Course of your Life provides a framework to help apply the Word of God to people's lives so that their minds are changed and hearts transformed with a fresh love, joy and enthusiasm for serving Christ, not only as a disciple, but as a maker and grower of other disciples. It focuses on the central and profound issues of who God is, what He has done in Christ, what His extraordinary plans are for the world and how that relates to each of our daily lives.

The course consists of 9 seminars, 2 away days and one-to-one Bible reading. This course is designed to fire people up to give themselves to God's plans and to change the course of their lives - personally and specifically.

Author Tony Payne, who has written many of Matthias Media's most important and popular resources, says of The Course of your Life, "This is probably the most important thing I have ever written."

To run The Course of your Life, you will need:
- this workbook for each person
- a leader's guide (which also contains the material in the workbook)
- a leader's DVD (if you want to use the video clips instead of leading the seminars from the script)





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  • Seminar 1: Getting started
  • Seminar 2: God's creative purpose
  • Seminar 3: What went wrong?
  • Seminar 4: God's answer
  • Seminar 5: God's agenda
  • Seminar 6: Christ's death, my life
  • Seminar 7: Transformation
  • Seminar 8: God's method
  • Intensive Part 1: Where we're up to
  • Intensive Part 2: The disciple's commission
  • Intensive Part 3: God's agenda and our work
  • Intensive Part 4: Talk and pray
  • Intensive Part 5: We're in this together
  • Intensive Part 6: Reflect, share, pray
  • Seminar 9: Where to now?
  • One-to-one meetings
  • Appendix: Matthias Media and God's agenda

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Author Tony Payne
ISBN 9781921896347
Format Paperback
First published October 2011
Dimensions 170mm x 244mm x 7mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher Matthias Media

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I’m not a teary kind of bloke. Last night though, I was almost at the point of crying as we went around the room and people shared what they’d got out of doing The Course of your Life. In the week following the weekend away one lady has told virtually everyone she’s met about Jesus and started praying all the time; another lady has cut back her excessive working hours and is praying far more frequently; three men shared how they’ve started speaking about Christian things in conversations at work where in the past they would have kept quiet; one of them gets in the car a few minutes earlier each day so he can pray for opportunities to speak about Jesus at work; another guy can’t stop reading Colossians because it’s just so exciting.

What was most significant was the changes in people’s understanding that was driving these practical steps. Their world view has changed. They now have a different centre of gravity - Jesus. One man said he’s always wanted God to show him a specific plan for his life and until then he could get on and do what he wanted. He now realises that God has a general plan that we all need to be involved in. It isn’t just about becoming a Christian but also Christians ebing changed towards maturity. He finally knows what it means to have Jesus at the centre of his life. That not only comforts him but also directs him through real hardships in life.
- Dave Whittingham, Pastor of Kellyville Anglican Church, Kellyville, USA

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More communication would have improved my experience.



I loved "The trellis and the vine", so was very excited about this course - and may yet be!
Problem is I had hoped to be able to review it by buying just the book, and find that as a stand-alone its hard to make it out. My conclusion is that you probably need to have the DVD as well and possibly the leaders guide also in order to make sense of it. Given the total cost that this then involves for a private individual pensioner it's a bit steep I think.
It also seems to have tendency to lean towards one of my pet concerns about some course books. Let me explain. Many times a Bible reference is given, and a question posed that we are encouraged to believe is answered by the text. How often I have seen group members puzzled by an inability to pass the "comprehension test", and left with a sense of failure or frustration that they are just not "up to it". Even with the leader manual explanation, there remains a deep sense of frustration. It is as if the writer is trying to make a point of their own and forcing the reference onto it. I am left with a sense of disrespect towards Gods word, and an abuse of the faithful who are seeking Him.
Rant over! I'm not saying Tony Payne is doing this but without the rest of the material it's difficult to be sure.
Really hope that someone who has the full kit is blown away by it, gives it five stars and a cracking good thumbs up.

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The Course of your Life Workbook | Tony Payne | £5.99 £4.79