The Gospel: A Life-changing Message

The Gospel: A Life-changing Message

What is the authentic gospel? How do we answer the sceptics? John Stott answers big questions of Christianity

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What is the authentic gospel? How do we answer the sceptics?

Christianity is not a religion, but God's good news for the world. This implies that it has both a divine origin and a human relevance: it comes from God and it speaks to our condition.

So, before we ask, 'What is the gospel?', we need to ask, 'What is a human being?'

Chapter 1: The human paradox looks at what the Bible teaches and what our experience endorses: the glory and shame of our humanness, both our dignity as creatures made in God's image and our depravity as sinners under his judgement.
Chapter 2: Human freedom: what is traditionally called 'salvation', seen in terms of 'authentic freedom'.
Chapters 3 and 4: The central themes of the death and resurrection of Jesus, securing our freedom. This section also looks at a number of objections and denials.
Chapter 5: The far-reaching implications, both for faith and for life.

Radical indeed is the discipleship which takes all of this and Christ's lordship seriously. It's nothing short of a life-changing message.

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Author John Stott, Tim Chester
ISBN 9781783599288
Format Paperback
First published June 2019
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 9mm
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher IVP

Dr J I Packer

Vintage Stott, with all that that implies. As usual, we find him digesting and deploying a wide range of material with a symmetry matching that of Mozart, a didactic force like that of J C Ryle, and a down-to-earth common sense that reminds one of G K Chesterton. This is really a pastoral essay, a sermon on paper aimed at changing people... an outstandingly good book. expository treat... Bible-based and well researched, intimate and magisterial in style. Passionately calm and generous to a fault, a beautifully written contribution to what Stott calls 'BBC':'balanced biblical Christianity'.

Vaughan Roberts

Rector of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, conference speaker and author of the bestselling God’s Big Picture

I am delighted that a new generation will now be able to benefit from this rich teaching, which so helped me when it first appeared. As always with John Stott, there is a wonderful blend of faithful exposition of the Bible, rigorous engagement with the world and challenging applications for our lives.

Mark Noll

Co-editor of A History of Evangelicalism

Inter-Varsity Press is doing a very good thing by bringing John Stott's The Contemporary Christian back into print—slightly modernized, helpfully rearranged, and broken into short, reader-friendly books. The result is a boon to a new generation of readers who will greatly benefit, as many have before, from Stott's thorough grounding in Scripture, unusual help for living the Christian life and perceptive interaction with the contemporary world.

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The Gospel: A Life-changing Message | John Stott, Tim Chester | £3.99 £3.39