The King, the Snake & the Promise (Enhanced CD)

The King, the Snake & the Promise (Enhanced CD)

Genesis to Jesus - for kids!

This exciting musical and enchanced CD is designed to teach children a Bible overview.

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This exciting resource is designed to teach children a Bible overview. With 29 great and memorable songs, the CD will have your kids singing along to Bible truth in no time - but that's not all...

This enhanced CD also contains files that you can print out with the sheet music for the songs, together with a 10-session programme for teaching children aged 3-11 the whole Bible story. This great little resource therefore forms the basis of a Sunday School block of teaching, material for a holiday club, or for an after-school club.

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  • Enhanced CD includes:
  • Sheet Music and bonus Sunday School material -
  • 'The Bible in 10 Easy Lessons' by Phil & Louise Campbell
  • For Macintosh and Windows.

Free extras

01 Clap Your Hands

(352.2 KB)

05 God Rules!

(388.9 KB)

25 Jesus (Sing it)

(341.8 KB)


Age range: 5 - 11
ISBN 9781873166550
Format CD-Audio
First published January 2004
Dimensions 124mm x 142mm x 10mm
Language English
Publisher EMU
Customer reviews


“Catchy Biblical songs”

I'm a mum of a 4 year old girl, and a 9 year old boy. The children both enjoy listening to these songs in the car. The songs include a good range of styles and paces. I've been listening to them twice a day for the last 2 weeks and I've not got tired of them yet!


“Great resource for small Sunday School”

We bought this programme to use in a small Sunday school with varying numbers, ages and backgrounds of children. We feel it gives a good overview of the story of the Bible, with clear instructions and templates. The songs are also good to have for the different lessons. Overall, the children are enjoying it and we are glad to have tried it.


“Very good resourse”

We have just completed 2 weeks of resources for The Bible in Ten Easy Lessons of which The King The Snake and The Promise CD are part of, which has everything you need to print off , patterns etc. for the banner and teaching material. The songs are excellent too very biblical and easy to learn also easy to print off for overhead projector. The children have been very attentive hearing the teaching and have enjoyed doing the banner and activities. Overall we think it is a very good teaching resource, our group are age 5 to 11 and it worked very well which such a wide age range even the 5 year old remembered Adam and Eve were not to eat from The Tree of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. I would recommend it definitely.


“Adapted for a Sunday school Series”

I used this material and worked hard to adapt it to run with 4 teams of children on a Sunday. We averaged about 20 children, 5-10yrs, but could have coped with up to 30 without needing to increase our staffing levels. Each session ran with a leader and 3 helpers. We have struggled with very busy adults finding it impossible to give lots of time to preparation and being willing come and help on a Sunday but finding their lives too busy to put in much prep time before hand. This system we used has solved that problem to some degree. The aim was to teach the children God's Big Story, and as well as helping them to understand the gospel, to help them to begin to develop a biblical theology. It would be very difficult just to pick this "off the shelf" and use it without added things to it. ( I'm very happy for anyone to contact me for copies of what we did though should you want to use it for your own Sunday school setting - you still need to buy the cd)


“Excellent resource”

We are four weeks into using this material and are really enjoying it. Our Year 6s are making the banner, whilst the years 3 to 5 are making individual Bible overview books so that at the end of the ten weeks they'll all be taking home their own Bible overview. We have had to pad out the material a bit with games and craft, and also opportunities to get the children looking in the Bible for themselves. But overall I love the structure and the fact that they'll go away with the big picture. I wish I'd done this as a child!


“An excellent resource at an amazing price.”

This resource offers so much for such a small price. The songs are enjoyable, memorable and full of the Bible's truth.

The resource provides lesson plans as well as the templates to create a banner.

The over view of the Bible it povides will prove a valuable teaching resource.

I remain amazed at what good value for money this is.


“Great CD for babies and children”

This is a really cheesy CD but we love it! Aussie narrator which seems odd at first. Our 10 month old loves it and we all sing along in the car! Will be a favourite for years to come.


“Great, catchy, true to the bible!”

Great resource for bible lessons and to have as a CD for children to listen to without the lessons.
All the children I know that have it love it, and so do the parents!


“very good”

This is a really enjoyable cd and the children can pick up the words and tunes easily.


“excellent for childrens work, and listening in the car!”

i bought this a few years ago at a Big Issue training event and had to replace it went it got lost. some really wonderful songs to use in sunday school and similar. We especially love 'clap your hands' and 'who is this man?'. Some really great bible teaching through song. Highly recommended. Also some good spoken links and bible passages which my own children enjoy in the car.

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The King, the Snake & the Promise (Enhanced CD) | £11.94 £10.75