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Finding your place in the Bible's big story

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The Leader's Guide for The World We All Want.

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“A biblically-faithful, gospel-rich, culturally-sensitive presentation of the good news.”
J.D. Greear
Author of Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary


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This leader's guide is designed to help you run The World We All Want as an evangelistic course, either one to one, or in a small group.

It contains a helpful introduction outlining the distinctives of the course, the format, how the pictures and illustrations work, and full guidance on how to answer the questions and lead the discussion as the group reads the Bible together.

It also contains outlines and transcripts for a series of seven talks that could accompany the series, either as part of a presentation during the course, or as part of a regular preached series at your normal weekly gatherings.

This title is only available for download as an ebook.

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  • Introducing this course
  • The Distinctives
  • The Format
  • The Talks
  • The Pictures
  • The Outline
  • Guidance on questions
  • Talk Outlines
  • Talk One: God promises the world we all want
  • Talk Two: Jesus shows us God’s new world
  • Talk Three: We have spoiled God's good world
  • Talk Four: God promises a new world
  • Talk Five: We cannot create God’s new world
  • Talk Six: We can enjoy God's new world because of Jesus
  • Talk Seven: Christians are God’s people waiting for God’s new world
  • Conclusion


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Talk 7

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Author Steve Timmis, Tim Chester
ISBN 9781908317674
Format Digital Download
First published October 2011
Language English
No. of studies 7
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

“Good and thought provoking”

(Review written for 'The World We All Want DVD')

We have used this course on a group of retired people and it seemed to hit the level at where the people are. The course has been the means for a great deal of discussion over coffee.


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The World We All Want - Leader's Guide (ebook) | Steve Timmis, Tim Chester | £9.99 £8.49