Hanging In There

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If you're new to christianity or a long-serving Christian who could use a bit of encouragement, this book is for you.

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Hanging in There is a book about God, you, the Bible, prayer, church, relationships, sex, feelings, doubts, love and, above all, 'hanging in there' as a Christian. If you're new to the Christian Faith or a long-serving Christian who could use a bit of encouragement, this book is for you.

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  • 1. Clearing the Confusing
  • The 'how' and 'what' of a Christian
  • 2. Rule no.1
  • God loves you heaps!
  • 3. God in a book
  • Making sense of the Bible
  • 4. Finding God in the book
  • Getting the most out of the Bible
  • 5. "Um... God?"
  • About prayer
  • 6. Church
  • What? Why? Which?
  • 7. "Our kid's gone weird"
  • Living with parents who aren't Christians
  • 8. Missionary dating
  • Romance with a non-Christian
  • 9. Too much too young
  • About sex and stuff
  • 10. When you feel like a dog
  • Can you trust how you feel?
  • 11. I believe, I think!
  • the dilemma of doubts
  • 12. The devil and co.
  • About satan, demons, etc
  • 13. Plugged into God
  • About the Holy Spirit
  • 14. Bible bashing
  • How not to
  • 15. My biggest mistake
  • Living Horizontally
  • 16. Hanging in there
  • The key to remaining a Christian
  • 17. Appendix: Promises, promises

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Age range: 14 - 18
Author John Dickson
ISBN 9781875245680
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 155mm x 215mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 126
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

“Excellent starter book for the new young christian”

An excellent book for the young christian wanting to perswevere with the faith. Bought as a confirmation present on several occasions, the book tackles commonly asked questions and issues facing teenagers today. John Dickson is homourous and easy to read but rooted in the Bible, so what he says is trustworthy.


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Hanging In There | John Dickson | £6.99 £5.59