Our venture into India

Richard Roper | September 24th 2018

Our mission calling at The Good Book Company is to make and distribute resources that equip the church to bring the gospel to the world, and there are few places where they are more needed than India.... continue reading


Am I not a slave and a brother? How scripture subverts slavery

Mark Meynell | September 24th 2018

Slavery is clearly one of those things that people bump on when they come to the Bible. It feels very alien, and even immoral in our current age, and rightly so!... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: The Letter H

Rachel Jones | September 21st 2018

Today's quiz is on the letter H in the Bible. Let's see if you've got what it takes to grab that Bible Genius title this week...... continue reading


Father, Son & Holy Spirit...Who Are You Closest To?

Tim Chester | September 20th 2018

A few years ago I realised my relationship with Jesus felt somewhat distant and remote. I have a strong sense of living in relationship with God the Father.... continue reading


Mike and Emma’s Monday Morning. A short story by Tim Chester

Tim Chester | September 18th 2018

Sunday morning. As Mike sings he is filled with joy. His pastor has just preached on God’s love to us in Christ. Mike has felt afresh that he is unworthy, but Christ is worthy.... continue reading


Why you should be talking to your children about gender

Brian Seagraves | September 18th 2018

There’s a conversation going on about gender and our kids are listening in. The question is not “will our children be a part of this conversation?” but rather, “will we lead it?”... continue reading


A conversation on human dignity

Daniel Darling | September 17th 2018

Daniel Darling talks to his fellow colleagues at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission about human dignity.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter G

Rachel Jones | September 14th 2018

Today's quiz is on the letter G in the Bible. Let's see if you've got what it takes to grab that Bible Genius title this week...... continue reading


How to model forgiveness with your own children - thoughts from a mum in the trenches

Alison Mitchell | September 12th 2018

What does forgiveness look like in a Christian home?... continue reading


5 myths about Christian engagement in the public square

Daniel Darling | September 11th 2018

Should Christians be involved in politics? Or should we simply preach and live out the gospel in our communities? Or are these two paradigms as mutually exclusive as they are sometimes branded?... continue reading

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