What Jesus says about tolerance

Rachel Jones | November 16th 2018

It’s the UN’s international day for tolerance. Cue grumpy Christian blog about the “intolerance of tolerance”.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter P

Rachel Jones | November 15th 2018

Ready to prove your Bible-knowledge prowess? Take on our fun Friday quiz!... continue reading


5 Gospel promises that minister to your Christmas stress

Rachel Jones | November 14th 2018

It’s November—which means that, whether we like it or not, we’re snowballing down the hill towards Christmas.  ... continue reading


8 gifts to help 8 people you know encounter Christ this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 14th 2018

Gifts for the stressed-out Christian, not-yet Christian, drifting Christian and for children of all ages.... continue reading


Why focus on the marriage chapter at Christmas?

Sinclair Ferguson | November 13th 2018

If you randomly ask people what passages in the Bible they know, my guess is that 1 Corinthians 13 will easily come in the top ten, probably the top five and maybe even the top 3.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter O

Rachel Jones | November 9th 2018

This week's Friday quiz is on the letter O in the Bible! Can you snatch the Bible genius title?... continue reading


Of Men and Angels: Day 1 of Sinclair Ferguson’s New Advent Devotional

Sinclair Ferguson | November 8th 2018

Have a sneak peek at Sinclair Ferguson's new Advent devotional. ... continue reading


Should Christians abandon Christmas?

Sinclair Ferguson | November 6th 2018

The other year I read an article by a Christian lamenting the fact that his church celebrated Christmas. He didn’t believe it was “biblical.”... continue reading


An invitation to a land beyond ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ politics

Daniel Darling | November 5th 2018

For most of my life, in some form or another, I’ve been involved in public activism. Today I serve at the public policy agency for America’s largest Protestant denomination. ... continue reading


6 things to remember about family devotions

Carl Laferton | November 2nd 2018

“Family devotions” is a two-word phrase that tends to provoke feelings of guilt, regret, pride or fear in Christian parents. In fact, I imagine you nearly didn’t start reading this blog.... continue reading

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