Friendship When You Could *Like* Like Someone

Rachel Gilson | April 3rd 2020

I have a distinct memory in college of how disappointed a female friend of mine was when I answered that no, I was not attracted to her...... continue reading


Exclusive Preview of Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

John Lennox | March 30th 2020

When life seems predictable and under control, it is easy to put off asking the big questions, or to be satisfied with simplistic answers. But life is not that way right now—not for any of us. It is not surprising that, whatever your faith or belief system, the big questions of life are breaking through to the surface, demanding attention.... continue reading


How Born Again This Way Was Born

Rebecca McLaughlin | March 27th 2020

I prayed late-night, desperate, grieving prayers for God to write that counternarrative. And then I met Rachel Gilson.... continue reading


Free resources from our friends

Eleanor Elms | March 27th 2020

Whether you’re looking for an interesting article, something to entertain your kids or a few freebies, we’ve got your back. ... continue reading


The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Easter Calendar Sneak Preview

Lizzie Laferton | March 26th 2020

This Easter, talk longer, delve deeper, and help children to discover the life-changing truth of the Easter story. One way that you could do this is with The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Easter Calendar and family devotional.... continue reading


5 things you might have missed in Jesus and the Very Big Surprise

Andre Parker | March 25th 2020

If you're cooped up at home with kids right now, pull out your copy of Randall Goodgame's new children's book, Jesus and the Very Big Supriseand try to find these 5 hidden illustrations... ... continue reading


5 ways to be the church during a global pandemic

Tim Thornborough | March 20th 2020

This Sunday many of us will be tuning into virtual church from our sofa. What does 'church' look like during a global pandemic? ... continue reading


Podcast: Same Sex Attracted. Biblically Faithful. (Sam Allberry, Rachel Gilson & Rebecca McLaughlin)

Joe Henegan | March 20th 2020

On this episode of the podcast we have a conversation between three friends who have all wrestled with same-sex attraction and yet pursue biblically faithful lives.... continue reading


Fighting fear in the face of coronavirus

Jonty Allcock | March 19th 2020

I experience fear when I realise that the resources I have do not match the situation that I’m facing. That’s true now more than ever.... continue reading


Can anything good come out of the COVID-19 pandemic?

James Burstow | March 18th 2020

I wonder how you’re feeling today? There is a lot to take in, isn’t there?... continue reading

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