Gender ebook

A Conversation Guide for Parents and Pastors

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How to articulate the Bible's view on gender to children as they grow up

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The world around us is changing quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up with the debates about some of life’s most important issues. Whether you are a parent, mentor, pastor, or friend, this book will help you get clarity in a world spinning in confusion.

This book seeks to help families teach the Bible’s view clearly and consistently throughout a child’s life. It contains two major sections. Part one focuses on what is most critical during three major foundations, or stages, in a child's life. Part two is a toolbox of resources to help you better understand and articulate various topics surrounding gender.

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  • PART 1:
  • Foundation 1: preschool and young children
  • Foundation 2: elementary (5-10)
  • Foundation 3: middle school (11-13)
  • Foundation 4: teens and beyond (14+)
  • PART 2:
  • Toolbox of resources for users
  • Glossary

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Author Brian Seagraves, Hunter Leavine
ISBN 9781784983550
Format eBook
First published September 2018
Language English
Pages 80
Publisher The Good Book Company

Andrew T. Walker

Director of Policy Studies, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and author of God and the Transgender Debate.

Either parents will teach their children God's truth about gender, or else the culture will do so for them. Brian Seagraves and Hunter Leavine have put together a helpful resource for parents seeking to understand the growing complexity around the gender revolution and how to respond with both grace and truth.

Daniel Darling

Vice-President of Communications, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, author of The Dignity Revolution.

There has never been a more important time for parents and kids to understand God's good design for manhood and womanhood. Confusion reigns in the culture and poor models prevail in the church. This book so clearly and concisely guides young people toward the liberating truth of who God created them to be. Every pastor, youth pastor, parent or influencer should have this handy guide on their bookshelf, so they can be read to give an answer for the hope that lies within them.

Dr. Owen Strachan

Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Director of the Center for Public Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; coauthor, The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them

This is a helpful guide to the most debated subject of our age: gender. The material found here is practical and wise. Instead of worrying about how the culture receives us, Seagraves and Leavine point us back to foundations. We must train our children in a biblical worldview. We cannot fail to ground them in the gospel of grace. We love God's design of men and women, and see it as very reality itself. Someone is going to train our children today: either the culture or the church. This guide will help us to raise the generation to know the Lord and to honor his holy Word.

Independent reviews

A must read for every parent, pastor, youth and children’s worker, teacher

Alistair Chalmers, Chalmers

It helps you think through a difficult topic in a simple way whilst being condensed into a small book that can fit into your pocket. I devoured this book in an afternoon, and I suggest that you get a hold of a copy.... continue reading


Book Review: Gender

Thomas Creedy, Thomas Creedy

As someone wondering about having children one day, and someone who works with children in the local church, I want to be able to explain complex truths and difficult ideas in simple ways. It was with that latter hat in particular that I wanted to read this book.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Concise and helpful”

(Review written for 'Gender')

This is a topic on which there had been and will continue to be a great deal of discussion and debate and there must have been a temptation to write at length. However, this book highlights the key issues and biblical principles in a concise and easy to understand format. Our children and young people are faced with this issue regularly if not daily at school and it is important that we are clear about our opinions as we support and guide them. I would strongly recommend this book to all those working with our caring for children and teenagers of all ages. I found it very helpful.


“Gender: A conversational guide”

(Review written for 'Gender')

This is a very useful guide for parents and anyone involved in raising children on the number one hot topic of gender. At 75 pages it is easily accessible and breaks down the best way to explain our biblical foundations on this this subject to different age groups. Get one of you are a parent, it is an important resource.


“A good start”

(Review written for 'Gender')

Doesn't fully live up to the hype, as it leaves you wanting much more. But it's a great start on an important topic.

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Gender (ebook) | Brian Seagraves, Hunter Leavine | £2.99 £2.39