Church Musician's Handbook

Church Musician's Handbook

A practical guide to music and its role within the church

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This practical guide sets out to put the record straight on the What, When and Why of Church music.

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When Christians get together the world over they sing. Sometimes with fervour, sometimes in sorrow, often with joy. And yet church music is often the subject of despair for many church leaders and their congregations, and frustrating for the musicians and singers involved.

This practical guide sets out to put the record straight on the What, When and Why of Church music. Through a careful examination of the scriptures, insightful Bible studies, and a host of chapters covering the nitty gritty of How, The Church Musicians' Handbook will make an invaluable reference book for anyone involved in 'making music to the Lord'.

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  • Forward
  • About this book
  • Contributors
  • 1. The key to church music by John Woodhouse
  • 2. Pleasing all the people all the time and other myths by Rob Smith
  • 3. The old and the new by David Peterson
  • 4. Music in the Bible by Greg Clarke
  • 5. Being a Christian and a musician by Greg Clarke and Rosalie Milne
  • 6. The Music Director by Sally Trethewey
  • 7. Choosing songs by Rob Smith
  • 8. Riding the tiger by Tony Payne
  • 9. Leading and teaching songs by Rosalie Milne
  • 10. Songleading from the guitar by Sally Trethewey
  • 11. Vocal presentation techniques by Dallas Watts
  • 12. Presenting an item by Nicky Chiswell
  • 13. Working as a team by Rosalie Milne
  • 14. Music and children by Stephanie Carmichael
  • 15. Sound reinforcement by Steve Williams
  • 16. Why musicians should not write hymns by Tony Payne
  • 17. Copyright and church music by John Collins
    • - Good leadership
    • - Preparation
    • - Songcheck
    • - Suggestions for variety


ISBN 9781873166055
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 170mm x 243mm x 7mm
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“Severely Underrated ”

This book not only tackles the very practical issues surrounding music in our churches, but looks at the heart of the issue - why do we have music in church in the first place. Very challenging book, which actually is relevant for not only "musicians" in the church but indeed all who partake in musical worship even as a member of the congregation.


“Very useful articles”

I found the book extremely refreshing, it gives a good overview of the use of music in church with helpful and practical advice for musicians, leaders and anyone else involved in what is usually called "worship".

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Church Musician's Handbook | £8.00 £4.00