Download the full-size illustrations - The Prisoners, the Earthquake and the Midnight Song

Download the full-size illustrations - The Prisoners, the Earthquake and the Midnight Song

Get the full colour, full size illustrations to use in presentations

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Get the full colour, full size illustrations to use when reading The Prisoners, the Earthquake and the Midnight Song to large groups

Part of the Tales that Tell the Truth series.

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Full colour, full size illustrations from The Prisoners, the Earthquake and the Midnight Song that can be projected onto large screens and used when reading the storybook to large groups so that everyone can see them.

Perfect for use in groups with children aged 3-6 years old. Simply add to basket and the link to download will appear in your confirmation email upon purchase.

You will need to purchase the storybook separately in order to read the story.

Based on Acts 16, The Prisoners, the Earthquake and the Midnight Song is a fun and compelling retelling of how a Philippian jailer and his family learned the wonderful truth about Jesus Christ. It will teach children about Jesus’ ongoing power to save through the proclamation of the gospel and through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Age range: 3 - 6
Author Bob Hartman
Format Digital Download
First published June 2020
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

Young and old alike will be enthralled by this sensational retelling of the miraculous events of Acts 16. Masterful storytelling and penetrating artwork combine to bring this true story to life... and into our hearts. With simplicity, clarity and power, this work of art brings the gospel to us in a fresh way and challenges us to find our place in the pages yet to be written. Stunning. So clever. Simple yet stretching.

Linda Allcock

London Women's Convention; author, Head, Hearts, Hands

A brilliant book by a brilliant storyteller. This book is a must-have on your bookshelf, or better still, off it.

Paul Kerensa

Comedian, editor and writer

The Good Book Company has done it again! They take memorable Bible stories and bring them to life for young and old readers alike. And they do it so well! Grab this book to teach your kids or grandkids about a song that has reverberated from a Philippi prison through the pages of history.

Dan DeWitt

Associate Professor of Apologetics & Applied Theology, Cedarville University; author, The Friend Who Forgives; Life in the Wild; Sunny Side Up

Customer reviews

“Great but needs to be censored”

(Review written for 'The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song')

It really is a great book, beautifully illustrated, but the part where the guard thinks to “take his life” needs to be censored for 3 year olds in my opinion. I’d suggest this book is better for older children.

Thank you for your review. I do understand your concern as to whether this book is suitable for 3-year-olds, and it is something we try to be very careful about. The reason we call this series “Tales That Tell The Truth” is not only that Bible stories are true, but also because we work hard to stay true to the Bible text as we retell each story. In this case, the response of the jailer is key to understanding this story. His physical life is saved when he hears that Paul and the other prisoners haven’t escaped. This then gives the opportunity for Paul to tell him the gospel, after which the jailer’s whole family are wonderfully saved to eternal life. For that reason we couldn’t leave this part of the story out. But we were careful to draw the jailer crying, and not show him attempting to take his life. I hope this explains our thinking about this part of the story. If you still feel it is inappropriate for 3-year-olds, then I hope you will feel able to read it when your child is older. Thanks again for your comments.
Alison Mitchell, Senior Editor


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