Time for every thing?

How to be busy without feeling burdened

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A timely book showing how following Jesus frees us from the tyranny of the to-do list.

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Do you have enough time? Most of us feel pulled in too many directions, never managing to do enough.

Matt Fuller liberates us from the drive to do everything; points us to the source of true rest; and sets out a godly framework to help us prioritise, so that we can be productive without being crushed.

If you have ever felt the tyranny of a too-long to-do list, or the terror of a too-empty one, spend some precious time reading this book!

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  • 1. A famine of time
  • 2. Tired and weighed down
  • 3. Time for rest
  • 4. A waste of time
  • 5. Time for trust
  • 6. Time to do enough
  • 7. Time for work
  • 8. Time for church
  • 9. Time for family
  • 10. Time for resting
  • 11. Time for everything?
  • 12. Time for bed

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Author Matt Fuller
ISBN 9781910307823
Format Paperback
First published June 2015
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 6mm
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company

William Taylor

Rector, St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate, London

This wonderfully practical book is packed with careful Biblical reflection and solid Biblical wisdom.  It will be a great tonic to many people - both liberating and challenging.  I strongly recommend it to the busy Christian.

Alasdair Paine

Vicar, St Andrew the Great, Cambridge

How to make the most of limited time is an issue that faces us all.  Matt Fuller’s wise, clear and concise book (ideal for busy people!) shows us how the application of Biblical principles can save us from wasting our time or burning ourselves out.  He is wise and practical in the way he tackles the claims of work, home, church and leisure.  I am so glad I made time to read this book!

Andrew Perry

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Father and youth group Leader

For those of us who consider ourselves 'time poor', this is a wonderful book that will help us to rethink and refocus.  Matt reminds us that the time we have is God's gift to us to use wisely, without feeling burdened or guilty. The book is full of practical tips and real life examples that enable us the freedom to live Godly lives under the pressures of work, church and family life.

Independent reviews

Time for Every Thing?

Gary McMurray, August 11th 2015

Coming up to my holiday this year, I was getting stressed. The list of things to do kept growing, while the time and power and ability to do them all was diminishing with each day. At just the right time, my review copy of Matt Fuller's new book 'Time for Every Thing?' came in the post. The very book for me and my situation.
This isn't a long book (which is a good thing, given its topic), but it's packed full of helpful advice and wise counsel, built solidly on biblical foundations.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Everyone should read this”

Everyone struggles with how they use their time or how to get the most from the time we have. This may be something you feel you are going through now, or you will face it in the future and even if you think you won’t, it is a great book to know so you can pass on it’s wisdom or give the book to a friend.

It is biblical, practical & insightful. It will free you from the burden of the need to do everything!!

Take the opportunity to read this, it won’t be a waste of time!!


“Engaging and thought provoking.”

I found this book to be engaging and thought provoking. Underpinned by the Gospel, it challenged preconceptions and offered a framework for evaluating how I could improve my use of time. For example, being reminded that our time is a God given gift to be used in His service, rather than a commodity that's ours to use as we choose, I found very powerful. Thanks to Matt Fuller for finding the time to write it.

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Time for every thing? | Matt Fuller | £7.99 £6.79