Real Prayer (ebook)

Real Prayer ebook

Connecting with our heavenly Father

Seven Bible study sessions on the topic of prayer: praying that connects us with the real, living God.

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Confusion reigns over the topic of prayer. Yet, at one time or another just about everyone prays—but often it's like shooting in the dark. Wonderfully, the Bible—and Jesus especially—shows us what real prayer is: talking to the real, living God with humble confidence.

These seven studies look at what the Bible tells us about “connecting” with God. We'll see how and why we can talk to God knowing that he will listen and respond. Forget formulas and techniques. This is about real communication with the real God—the unique Christian privilege of real prayer.

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  • Introduction
  • Why study Real Prayer?
  • 1. Why pray? (Luke 18 v 9-14)
  • 2. How not to pray (Matthew 6 v 5-8)
  • 3. How to pray (Matthew 6 v 9-15)
  • 4. Praying confidently (Hebrews 10 v 19-22; 4 v 14-16)
  • 5. Praying dependently (John 15 v 1-17)
  • 6. Praying in weakness (Romans 8 v 9-30)
  • 7. Praying to serve (1 Corinthians 14 v 1-25)
  • Leader's Guide


Author Anne Woodcock
Format Digital files
First published June 2020
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Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Real Prayer (ebook) | Anne Woodcock | £3.99 £3.19