If Only (ebook)

If Only ebook

Finding Contentment in the Face of Lack and Longing

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Finding contentment when life lets you down.

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Life doesn’t always go the way we hope it will. Whether it’s singleness, childlessness or some other big disappointment, it’s hard to be content when life lets us down.

For many years, author Jennie Pollock has struggled to feel content. With warmth and honesty, she answers common doubts that arise when life doesn't go the way we had hoped: Is God good? Is he enough? Is he worth it?

She walks readers through the process of taking our eyes off the things we wish we had and instead enjoying the character of the God we do have—a God who is good, who meets all our needs, and whose promises are worth the wait.

Drawing on encouragements from the Bible and the stories of others, this book helps readers to trust in God’s plan for their lives and enjoy true contentment through a genuine conviction that Jesus is better than even our most keenly-felt hopes and longings for this life.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Who before What
  • 2. Is God Good?
  • 3. Is God Enough?
  • 4. Is God Worth It?
  • 5. Practising Contentment
  • 6. Burning Questions
  • Conclusion: The Secret


Author Jennie Pollock
ISBN 9781784985554
Format eBook
First published November 2020
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company

Andrew Wilson

Teaching Pastor, King's Church London

This is a timely message for our generation, filled with the wisdom that comes from living something rather than merely talking about it. Jennie’s meditations on contentment will strengthen anyone wrestling with an ‘if only’ in their Christian life.

Vaneetha Risner

Author, The Scares That Have Shaped Me

This book is for anyone who has ever wondered why God is withholding the very thing their heart desires. I found myself nodding in agreement on every page. Biblical, insightful and immensely helpful.

Wendy Virgo

Speaker and Author

This is a beautiful, brave book. Jennie is not afraid to probe our doubts and fears. But in so doing, she shares deep truth which not only consoles but becomes the bedrock of life. This book is to be read, treasured and given away!

Independent reviews

"This book is a wise and compassionate answer to our confused hopes and longings."

Matthew Hosier, October 22nd 2020

Through the prism of scripture and the honest telling of her own ‘if only’s’ Jennie guides us through the way of regret and frustration towards contentment and peace. It’s very well done and very poignantly told and I really recommend it.... continue reading


Excellent, compassionate and theologically rich

Rachel Sloan, November 27th 2020

I loved this book. Jennie has written an excellent book to helpful Christians faithfully wrestle with our questions when we feel the life we long for isn’t the life we have?... continue reading

Customer reviews


“A must read for those struggling with disappointment with God”

(Review written for 'If Only')

Jennie Pollock, is transparent and vulnerable in sharing from her heart her journey of disappointments with God. She includes other people's stories and weaves in scripture to help the reader come to the conclusion that "God is enough" in our struggles with seemingly unanswered prayer. This is a must read for anyone who needs to be reassured that God does hear our prayers and that He does love each and every one of us very much!

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If Only (ebook) | Jennie Pollock | £5.99 £4.79