Talking Points: Abortion (ebook)

Talking Points: Abortion ebook

Christian compassion, convictions and wisdom for today's big issues

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Helps Christians to think biblically, speak wisely and act compassionately on the complex issue of abortion.

Part of the Talking Points series.

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Helps Christians to think biblically, speak wisely and act compassionately on the complex issue of abortion.

Our culture is locked in a battle between two opposing worldviews on abortion. How can we help those who are struggling with the emotional and spiritual fallout from abortion? How should Christians advise those who are feeling pressure to abort their child? What should we be saying in the public arena, and how should we conduct ourselves in conversation?

In this short book, Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts survey the Christian worldview and help us to think biblically, speak wisely and act compassionately as we engage with the people, the questions and the heartache surrounding abortion, in a society with very different values.

Dr Lizzie Ling was a GP for many years, and worked in Southern Africa for over 10 years supporting local churches as they cared for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Vaughan Roberts is the pastor of St Ebbe’s church, Oxford, and an author of many books, including the other books in this highly regarded ‘Talking Points’ series that help Christians think, talk and relate to others with compassion, conviction and wisdom about today’s big issues.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Where are we?
  • 2. Who are we?
  • 3. When are we?
  • 4. Convictions
  • 5. Consequences
  • 6. Compassion
  • Discussion guide


Author Dr Lizzie Ling, Vaughan Roberts
ISBN 9781784985066
Format Digital Download
First published April 2020
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Abortion is an emotive topic. The debates are often polarised, the soundbites frequently clouding the facts, and along the way real people, in real pain are left reeling. But what does the Bible actually say about abortion? And how can we apply God’s word well to the context of our 21st century world? Ideal for those just beginning to think through the subject, this short book, with it’s helpful case-studies and discussion guide, will fuel reflection on key passages and the world around. A much-needed, biblically-faithful introduction that will enable us all to begin to grapple with our culture, our conflicts and our call to live for Christ.

Helen Thorne

Speaker and Author of Purity is Possible

Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts have written eloquently on a very difficult subject. They have brought their expertise and experience to bear on it in ways that are respectful to the unborn but also of those women and men who have had to make agonising decisions.
The book is prayerful and practical with stories of real people with whom the reader can empathise. There is a great deal of sound advice here about where to get help for counselling, safe houses, resources for family life and much else besides. They show a way of interconnectedness and mutual responsibility which doesn’t leave those in crisis out in the cold.
Having said that, they are not afraid to point out the root causes of abortion and its consequences for future well-being, including false views about our bodies and militant feminism. They point out that changes in terminology such as the ‘termination of pregnancy’ or ‘emptying of the uterus’ shield us from the stark reality of killing the unborn and of dehumanising them. Medical intervention here is the exact opposite of what it is usually: it is life-taking rather than life saving. It is contrary to the natural course of life and has adverse physical, psychological and social effects, not only on individuals but on families, communities and society as a whole.
They are clear that their view of personhood is that it is inherent and not conferred on us by society at some arbitrary point. Although we may not know exactly when there is a person, we should always act on the precautionary principle that there is one (or more than one) from conception onwards. Any natural wastage in the process cannot be justification for deliberately ending the journey of growth and development.

There is a good discussion guide for church and home discussion groups. The good book company is to be commended, once again, for bringing us a starter for discussion, even if there is much more to be said and done.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

Director, The Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue

There is no book more needed by the UK church than this. With 1 in 3 women experiencing an abortion, we are letting them down if we carry on ignoring this issue. Ling and Roberts offer the perfect start for our discussions, with deep learning and clarity. And most importantly, it is soaked in the compassion, grace, hope and love of the gospel.

Dr Calum Miller

Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

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“An excellent resource on abortion”

(Review written for 'Talking Points: Abortion')

As a woman who has experienced abortion and been involved in leading Biblical abortion recovery programmes in the UK for the past twenty years, I highly recommend this little book. It is a quick & easy read and would be great to use in Church small groups. Every believer should be equipped with this book and with bulk orders making it as cheap as £1 each, there’s no excuse really! We need to reclaim the conversation around abortion, especially within the Church family of believers. We have no need to fear the media and our voices, clothed in love and compassion, should be heard. How else are women going to hear the truth about abortion? The walking wounded of abortion are sitting in our Churches right now and don’t know who to turn to for help. A conservative estimate is that every abortion can affect approximately 45 lives: the mother of the aborted child, the father, grandparents, existing or future siblings, future partners or spouses, friends, family, work colleagues, Clergy, counsellors, medical staff and so the ‘ripple effect’ spreads through society. We kid ourselves if we think abortion does not concern us nor will it impact our lives nor the communities around us. God has placed your Church, in your community to reach the lost. How are you doing on reaching the abortion affected in your Church? In your community? Pastors are you preaching on the subject? Are you supporting your local Pregnancy Resource Centre? Are you offering abortion recovery Bible Studies for men & women affected by abortion? There is hope, help and healing to be found in Jesus and many different Biblical tools at the Church’s disposal. I would urge you to use them. I applaud Lizzie & Vaughan for compiling this comprehensive resource on abortion. Buy it. Read it. Use it. Act on it. Give it.


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